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SteadyPay is a type of revolving credit. For example you could receive a top-up to offset a lower than usual pay due to reduced shift work, then later receive a top-up to cover a few days off sick, then later again a top-up to cover a holiday, and so on. You continue to receive top-ups so long as your balance stays within the credit limit and you make repayments to refresh the available credit.


Your pay

How much are you paid? If you’ve more than one job, select the job whose pay you want topped up.



Your unpaid time off over a year

How many unpaid days would you take due to sickness, bank holidays, personal holidays, etc?

Your results

Top-ups: £

You could receive top-ups over a year totalling £ to cover the unpaid time off.
(Subject to you meeting the terms and conditions of the credit agreement)

Pay back: days

A year's subscription would be paid back after receiving top-ups to cover days off work.

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