Over the course of the year there will be times when your pay will take a hit. Rostered fewer shifts. Time off sick. Holiday.

We’re there to protect your pay in situations like this. We achieve this by topping up your pay. The logic behind the top-ups is simple, as illustrated below:

Enabling top-ups

Setting up top-ups is simple. On the app, you link to the bank your pay goes into. SteadyPay identifies your employer and works out your average pay. Then every time you’re paid it checks to see if you need a top-up.

Receiving top-ups

If you’re paid £25 or more below your average pay, you qualify for a top-up.

You’ll get a notification on your mobile phone asking if you want the top-up. If you respond yes, the money will be deposited into your bank account by the next business day.

Oh, did we mention there’s no interest charges on the top-ups? We’re a subscription service. The only thing you pay is one, low, weekly fee that gives you access to credit for topping up your pay.

That’s it! A simple and effective way to protect your pay. To learn more about SteadyPay, visit our website.