We’ve just launched a credit building service! And it’ll be bundled into the current SteadyPay subscription at no extra cost.

So what is this awesome new service? When you make a repayment, you’ll be doing more than refreshing your credit for the next top-up – you’ll also be building your credit record.

We partner with credit agencies to report on repayments. Credit agencies use these reports to update your credit score and credit file history. This is important because lenders refer to these when you apply for a credit card or loan.

The only thing you need to do is keep up to date with your top-up repayments. Be consistent with these and your score will go up; miss these and your score will go down.

We automatically collect repayments from your debit card on the due dates as stated in your repayment plan, which you can see on the app. Alternatively, you can make early repayments on the SteadyPay app.

Either way, with SteadyPay you have a super simple way to improve your creditworthiness, boost your standing with lenders, and open opportunities to get the credit you deserve.


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