Behind Instagram’s Huda Kattan‘s make-up mastery and TikTok’s Khaby Lame‘s truth about lifehacks lies a flourishing community of skilful creators willing to monetise their craftsmanship.

After the pandemic, a whole new gig-centred workforce across the globe has been growing exponentially, giving birth to what’s being labelled as the creator economy. The creators’ business comprises social media influencers, bloggers, curators, videographers, and content creators, all generating earnings by promoting other products and services in their content. 

Some creators earn through brand deals, selling digital content, creating courses, and benefitting from a flexible, non-traditional form of employment where they can make a living out of their art by doing what they love most. 

Creator wannabes

However, creators weren’t born creators. Besides the few who gained fame, worldwide recognition and significant earnings, novice creators struggle to turn their talent into a full-time gig. All these rising stars working scattered gigs encounter roadblocks that prevent them from achieving the financial stability guaranteed by the good old 9-5 jobs.  

Inevitably, variable workloads and unpredictable income hold creators back and impact the creator economy’s growth. 

Custom financial services are key 

How can they overcome the challenges of making a sustainable living if success solely belongs to mega influencers? Why would they drop the stale office job for the unknown? 

The primary concern is replacing fixed salaries, pension schemes and paid holidays with sporadic invoices and inconsistent projects, knowing that traditional financial institutions will shut the doors to anyone with contingent income streams or rocky creditworthiness 

Implementing income smoothing solutions that help reduce income volatility and minimise the risk of taking on major debt is the first step to further democratise financial services and ensure this modern category of gig workers builds sustainable businesses.  

The SteadyPay Solution 

Our mission is to support creators in the making and gig workers who want to showcase their arts and crafts. By topping up pay, we provide predictable, reliable income that allows gig economy workers to budget confidently for everyday finances and save for the future.  

By gathering the right tools to get where you want, you’ll be able to focus on doing amazing work while leaving all that financial stress behind. So every time you’ll be performing your gigs, our system will calculate your average pay and offer you a top-up whenever it falls below that average.  

Imagine that month you couldn’t find enough clients or projects you enjoyed, or simply wanted to take some time off; now you’ll be able to earn the same amount regardless of your workload. 

Currently the cheapest on the market, our solution gives you access to income top-ups, cash advances and credit building for as little as £7 a week. 

Considering starting your creator career? Now you can with SteadyPay!