Everyone loves getting pay top-ups. Less so repaying them. Yeah we get it.

We’ve tried to make repayments as easy as possible.

You’ll get a notification outlining the balance due, the repayment due date and your repayment options. This information is featured on the app too.

There are three options: repay the minimum, repay all of the balance owing, repay something in between. You need to repay at least the minimum.

You can make a repayment any time that’s convenient. Just login to the SteadyPay app and press the make a repayment button on the dashboard.

We encourage you to take advantage of this feature as you know better than anyone when you’re best placed to make a repayment.

As always, if life happens and you can’t afford to make a repayment, please reach out to us. You should do this at least three days before the repayment due date.