Losing staff is a pain. Losing good staff is even more of a pain.

It might be impossible to completely stop, but with a bit of practical wisdom you can reduce the chances of it happening.

What increases staff turnover? 

First let’s look at what are some of main causes for losing staff. According to High Speed Training, there are five reasons:

  1. Lack of growth and progression
  2. Being overworked
  3. Lack of feedback and recognition
  4. Little opportunity for decision making
  5. Poor employee selection

Limiting these causes in your own workplace is, of course, easier said than done. But you have to start somewhere.

Where to start

Begin with reviewing the openness of staff communication in your workplace. How do you communicate to your staff? And just as important, how do staff communicate back to you? Be honest with your own assessment.

According to research completed by MLP Law, a leading UK legal firm, open dialogue between employers and their employees encourages greater engagement, trust and positivity.

Having a positive culture of two-way communication in your organisation will help you to pick up on the negative causes of staff turnover early. There are some great HR management and internal communication tools out there that can help you facilitate this. 

Get stuck in and keep going

Improving your workplace culture is an ongoing exercise. Listen more to your employees. Be willing to take on constructive feedback. Experiment. Try different initiatives. Talk with other business owners or HR professionals. Keep learning and keep improving.

Staying committed to lifting engagement and communication takes time, but it will eventually yield results. According to Harvard Business Review, engaged staff are not only less likely to leave, but are more productive and provide greater customer service.

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