Debt advice

We’re here to help, not to penalise

If you’re worried about repaying your top-ups, please message us through the SteadyPay app. We’ll work with you to find a different way to pay back your top-ups.

Independent advice and assistance

Are you looking for ways to get your debts under control? Or to learn more about using debt carefully? We recommend checking out Step Change. They’re independent and free to use.

Need debt help right now?

We recommend you ring Step Change on 0800 138 111. They’re open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 8am-4pm.

Before you call, Step Change recommend you use their budget form to gather the necessary information. A debt advice call takes around 40 minutes to complete.

If you’re more into “self-service,” you can use Step Change’s online debt remedy tool. It takes about 20 minutes to complete a session.