How does it work?

How does it work?

Use our calculator below to see if SteadyPay is right for you

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Your pay

How much are you paid? If you’ve more than one job, select the job whose pay you want topped up.



Your unpaid time off over a year

How many unpaid days would you take due to sickness, bank holidays, personal holidays, changes to the shift roster, etc?

Your results

Top-ups: £

You could receive top-ups over a year totalling £ to cover the unpaid time off.
(Subject to you meeting the terms and conditions of the credit agreement)

Pay back: days

A year's subscription would be paid back after receiving top-ups to cover days off work.

How does it work?

Enable top-ups

SteadyPay links securely to the bank your pay goes into. We work out your average pay.

Monitor for top-ups

Every payday we check to see if you were paid below average.

Get top-ups

When you’re paid below average, we advance you money to make up the difference. The top-ups are interest free.

Repay top-ups

Repay the minimum or repay more. We’ll prompt you when you can afford to repay more, like when you’re paid above average.

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