Smooth out your income.

Smooth out your income.

Enjoy regular pay even if you work irregular hours.

Paid less when you work fewer shifts or take time off? We top you up

Enable top-ups

SteadyPay links securely to the bank your pay goes into. It works out your average pay. Then every payday it does a check to see if you need a top-up.

Get top-ups

When you’re paid below average, we deposit money into your current account to make up the difference. The top-ups are interest free.

Repay top-ups

Repay the minimum or repay more. We’ll prompt you when you can afford to repay more, like when you’re paid above average.

SteadyPay benefits

Reduce financial stress

The top-ups smooth out your pay. You no longer have to deal with drastic reductions in pay.

Get in control

The top-ups give you predictable, reliable pay. This allows you to budget with confidence for everyday expenses.

Enjoy paid leave

The top-ups prop up your income when you take time off to get over a cold or to relax on holiday.

Step off the debt treadmill

We don’t think you should be burdened with debt. That’s why we operate as a subscription credit service.

Continual top-ups

You keep receiving top-ups provided you remain within the credit limit, make repayments and keep your subscription up to date.

What our customers have to say

Before SteadyPay I worried about getting sick and not being able to work and losing income. Not anymore. I can take sick days and my pay is covered.

Alex, Facilities Manager

When I took time off, I'd have to use my savings to get by. I'd prefer to use my savings on a home. The top-ups mean I'm no longer out of pocket for taking time off.

Jay, Cleaner

I was about to Google payday lenders to cover the shortfall when I realised, I was with SteadyPay. What a relief this was for me and my family. All our direct debits are scheduled to come out on a Tuesday, we wouldn’t have been able to pay our rent.

Charlie S, Delivery driver

What will it cost you?

We don’t charge interest or a bunch of rip-off fees. We’re a subscription service. Think Netflix or Spotify. We have one, low, weekly fee which gives you access to credit for topping up your pay. The minimum top-up is £25. The credit limit is £1000.

There are no other costs

No interest is charged on the top-ups. No fees are charged for missing or making a late repayment.

Exit anytime

There’s no fixed term of contract. You must repay any top-up you owe us when you end the contract.

The APR doesn't depict an interest charge because, well, we don't charge interest. You only repay the top-ups you opt to receive. Instead, the APR depicts the subscription as the cost of using our service.

Amount borrowed (top-ups)


Rate of interest charged


Subscription fee for 12 months


Total amount paid for 12 months


Representative example

20.8% APR

Check out the FAQ for more information on the APR

Outsmart debt with SteadyPay

Interest charges Account fee Late/missed payment fee Exceed credit limit fee Subscription
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Check if you're eligible

You must be a UK resident, at least 18, employed, have a current account with a UK bank, and not have significant or multiple county court judgements for debt.

Check if we're a good fit for you

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