Protect your pay

Protect your pay

When you're paid below average, we top you up.

Easy setup

Link SteadyPay to the bank your pay goes into. We work out your average pay. We look out for when you’re paid below average.

Get top-ups

When you’re paid below average, we advance you money to make up the difference. The minimum top-up is £25. Your credit limit is £1000.

Continual top-ups

You keep receiving top-ups so long as you stay within the credit limit. Repayments refresh the credit available for topping up you pay.

You’re in control

You can decline a top-up. You know best what you need and can afford.

Enjoy regular pay

Get a top up when your pay takes a hit - like when you work fewer shifts, take sick days or go on holiday. We got you covered.

Please note: SteadyPay is not an on-demand credit service. You qualify for a top-up only when you’re paid below your average.

Calculate your top-ups

No interest charges, no late penalties, no hidden fees

We’re a subscription service. You only pay one, low, weekly fee of £4. This gives you access to credit that keeps on topping up your pay.

You become eligible for top-ups after you’ve paid the subscription for 2 weeks.

Representative APR 20.8%

We don’t charge interest. This depicts the subscription fee as the cost of using our service.

Top-ups advanced over a year: £1000. Interest charged on top-ups: 0%. Subscription fee paid over a year: £208 (£4 a week x 52). Total amount paid over a year: £1208. Representative cost: 20.8%.

Convenient repayments

  • Repayments are spread into instalments.
  • Repayments are timed to match your pay cycle.
  • No interest or hidden fees.

No fixed contract, cancel anytime

You must repay any balance owing upon unsubscribing.

Super secure

We never see or store your bank login details. All data is encrypted and transmitted to your bank over a secure channel.

SteadyPay can’t be used to move money; it has ‘read-only’ access. The app is restricted to checking your account so it knows if you're due a top-up or can repay a top-up.

We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Check your eligibility

You must be a UK resident, at least 18, employed, and have a current account with a UK bank. When you apply, we conduct a credit check.

Check if we’re a good fit

Please review the FAQ. When you apply, we’ll also provide you with an explanation of our service features. If anything’s unclear, contact us.