We top you up

We top you up

When you're paid less than usual. No interest charges.

Easy setup

Get setup in minutes. We securely connect to your main bank account. Technology does the rest.

Receive top-ups

When you're paid less than usual, we automatically offer you a top-up to make up the difference.

Easy repayments

We spread repayments into instalments. You may not need to make a repayment if you don't get paid. No hassle.

Enjoy regular pay

Get a top up when your pay takes a hit - like when you work fewer shifts, take sick days or go on holiday. We've got you covered.

Calculate your top-ups

Your pay

How much are you paid? If you’ve more than one job, select the job whose pay you want topped up.



Your unpaid time off over a year

How many unpaid days would you take due to sickness, bank holidays, personal holidays, changes to the shift roster, etc?

Your results

Top-ups: £

You could receive top-ups over a year totalling £ to cover the unpaid time off.
(Subject to you meeting the terms and conditions of the credit agreement)

Pay back: days

A year's subscription would be paid back after receiving top-ups to cover days off work.

Just £4 per week

We're a subscription service.

No interest charges, no late penalties, no hidden fees.

How it works

What our customers are saying

Who our customers work for

Super secure

We never see or store your bank login details. All data is encrypted and transmitted to your bank over a secure channel.

SteadyPay can’t be used to move money; it has ‘read-only’ access. The app is restricted to checking your account so it knows if you're due a top-up or can repay a top-up.

We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Important information

When you apply to SteadyPay we do a credit check.

To activate the top-up service you must have paid the subscription for two weeks. To keep the top-up service active you must be up to date with your subscription and repayments.

Your first top-up is capped at £250. Subsequent top-ups may be bigger. All top-ups are subject to affordability assessments.

Your credit limit is £1000. Representative APR 20.8%

We do not charge interest. The APR depicts the subscription as the cost of using our service. You are not at risk of repaying more than the top-ups you receive.

Top-ups advanced: £1000. Interest charged: 0%. Subscription paid: £208 (£4 a week x 52). Total amount paid: £1208. Representative cost: 20.8%