We live in a society that frowns upon usual, regular and average. Instead, we’re told we should be focused on achievement.

In certain contexts, however, usual, regular and average can represent achievement.

Pay is one such context.

Hang on, you say, surely a large pay packet is a sign of success. May be. But for many, being able to earn a steady pay packet represents success.

Irregular pay is the norm across the UK. Three out of four workers experience irregular pay according to research done by the Resolution Foundation.

Irregular pay can sometimes result in a spike in pay, like when you get overtime or earn a bonus. But more often it results in dips in pay, like when you’re rostered fewer shifts or have to take time off for a cold or a holiday.

Irregular pay creates a particular challenge for lower income workers, who tend to experience more dips than spikes in pay over the course of a year, and have little to no savings buffer.

So it’s note worthy if you can earn pay that is regular, usual and average. It means less stress. It means budgeting with greater confidence. Consistency of income enables you to tackle those bills and find ways to save. We reckon these are epic achievements!

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