In the last couple of years and with the pandemic fading, the hospitality industry has been experiencing a severe staffing crisis due to the substantial workforce leaving the UK post-Brexit and hospitality workers demanding more flexibility, fairer pay and better working conditions.

With the rising inflation and cost of living heavily impacting people’s finances and living standards, we have expanded on our commitment to guaranteeing a minimum living wage and supporting financial stability in the gig economy.

It is with absolute pleasure that we announce our new partnership with Slinger in a joint effort to help gig workers thrive.

What is Slinger?

Slinger is a staffing platform that connects hospitality businesses and staff, feeding them with the latest job opportunities. Users can browse open vacancies through the Slinger app and search for jobs and shifts that best match their daily or last-minute availability.

How does it work?

Download the app and begin your sign-up process:

  • Register your details in under a minute
  • Set your preferences choosing where and when to work
  • Search and apply for shifts
  • Keep a record of your earnings

Beyond being a ground-breaking concept, Slinger was built by gig workers for gig workers, i.e. people who genuinely understand the benefits and challenges of flexible work. The Slinger community guarantees quality jobs, a London living wage, and a network to build long-term connections – providing young people with the confidence, opportunities and stability they need to grow.

The SteadyPay support

Working shifts or by the hour provides great flexibility but few opportunities to rely on a fixed income and build long-term stability. Our mission is to support the Slinger community and all gig workers in the UK in achieving a steady living salary in-between the many jobs that helps them to budget for the present and save for the future.

Download Slinger now and find your next opportunity!