Can’t make a repayment? Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Life happens – job loss, illness, family crisis, a sudden increase in living expenses. We understand there may be times when you just can’t afford to make a top-up repayment.

Do reach out to us if this happens, rather than ignoring repayment notifications.

We’ll never make a judgement about your situation. We’re always happy to talk to you on finding a way to manage your repayments, regardless if the amount you owe is small or big.

Need help with your debts?

If you’re worried about the state of your finances, then try Step Change’s 60-second debt test.

Step Change offers free, independent and confidential advice on debt management. They can work with you to develop a repayment plan that we and other lenders will honour. This story provides a great example.

You’re not at risk of falling into a debt spiral with SteadyPay. This is because we don’t charge any interest on the top-ups we advance to you, nor any fees for making late/missing repayments. But you still need to repay the top-ups. So if you do find yourself in a squeeze, just reach out to us using the in-app chat service or emailing [email protected]