Increase employee financial wellness and business productivity together

Offer a benefit your employees will love

SteadyPay protects the pay of employees when they take time off and when they’re rostered fewer hours. This enables employees to:

  • Take annual leave and sick leave
  • Budget with confidence for everyday expenses
  • Avoid turning to payday lenders and other high-cost credit providers that trigger the vicious debt cycle
  • Develop a greater sense of financial resilience

Employee engagement drives sustainable growth

Employees that are less stressed about their finances tend to be more loyal and better able to deliver at work. Indeed, the single biggest indicator of employee engagement is financial wellness.

Research has shown that businesses with high employee engagement scores have demonstrated:


Greater productivity


Greater customer satisfaction levels


Less absenteeism


Less employee turnover


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Source: Metlife, Harvard Business Review, Queens School of Business

No cost to your business

There’s no setup cost, no integration work to your IT systems, no changes to your HR and payroll processes.

Interested in providing a voluntary financial wellness benefit for your employees? Reach out to us at:

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